Top 10 Mental Health Blogs To Read For Total Wellness In 2022

This ultimate list will empower you, featuring the top bloggers who have dismantled stigma, changed lives, and rewritten the mental health narrative. The blogs below cover a wide range of mental health topics from depression blogs to OCD blogs to PTSD blogs and other mental health blogs. 

Whether you’re looking for motivation, information, or simply a supportive online community, the following mental health blogs are excellent resources. This ultimate list of the 10 best mental health blogs will inspire wellness in 2022 and beyond, with content from the top anxiety bloggers, depression bloggers, OCD bloggers, PTSD bloggers, and schizophrenia bloggers.

1.) The Mighty Mental Health

The Mighty is a seemingly never-ending resource that provides support to people living with mental health disorders. Content on the Mighty covers more than 6,000 topics and is mostly authored by people who themselves are affected by mental health conditions.

2.) The OCD Stories

The OCD Stories publishes real stories to educate and inspire those living with OCD. More than a blog, The OCD Stories also offers a podcast, which has been downloaded over 2 million times, for people with OCD, families affected by OCD and therapists treating those with OCD.

3.) Real Warriors

The Real Warriors Blog is an incredible multimedia public education campaign intended to provide ongoing information about PTSD and other psychological health and military-related topics. It is a robust and compassionate resource for service members, veterans, and military families coping with invisible wounds. #ReachingOutIsASignOfStrength

4.) A Splintered Mind

The award-winning writer and blogger, Douglas Cootey, is the mastermind behind A Splintered Mind. Cootey’s blog combines humor with personal anecdotes to overcome the stigma surrounding ADHD and depression while creating an incredibly supportive online community of like-minded people.  

5.) Wing of Madness Depression Guide

Since 1995, the Wing of Madness blog has been offering a guide to recognizing, understanding, and seeking treatment for major depressive disorder. Wing of Madness covers every major topic from diagnosing depression to depression and self-care. 

6.) Love and Life Toolbox

Founded by Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT, the Love, and Life Toolbox is packed with resources for fostering emotional wellness and healthy relationships. More than a blog, Love and Life offers courses, consultations, and endless content. 

7.) Chipur Healing for Depression, Anxiety, Bipolarity, Stress

Chipur is a well-curated blog focused on sharing, learning, and relief from depression, anxiety, bipolarity, stress, and more. Founder of Chipur, Bill White is a mental health professional with a mission to help people take positive steps towards managing their mood and anxiety disorders.

8.) Lawyers With Depression Blog

Lawyers With Depression is an award-winning focus on stress, anxiety, and depression in the legal profession. The blog has been featured in many major news outlets and provides a much-needed resource for legal professionals coping with mental health. 

9.) The Worry Games

The Worry Games, created by Anna Lisa, is a comprehensive blog about coping with anxiety, phobias, post-partum depression, OCD, and intrusive thoughts. The blog serves as an incredible, multi-part resource for navigating anxiety-related disorders and treatment.

10.) The Art of Healing Trauma

Blogger, Heidi Hanson, developed PTSD in 2007, and soon after launched her blog to help other trauma survivors develop and maintain an effective self-therapy practice in their daily lives. Currently, Hanson is compiling her blog’s insights, clarity, and understanding into two books that will combine her passion for art with her powerful ability to write about coping with PTSD.