We are a professional nonprofit service provider specializing in capacity building.

The Ascend Nonprofit and Business Solutions’ team has spent the past two decades working with 501(c)(3) nonprofits,

schools, government agencies, and businesses to win millions of dollars in grant funding for their organizations.

Grant writing and capacity building are our passion.

Ascend NBS supports your organization’s growth through the following initiatives

Grant Research

Let us identify grants that your organization is more qualified to win.

Grant Writing

Our grant writing expertise can dramatically improve your chances of winning an award.

Grant Evaluation

Have a grant already written and need an extra set of eyes? We can help with that too.

Grant Training

We can develop your team’s skills and knowledge with coaching and custom workshops.

Technical Assistance

Support for everything in the fundraising/development department to ensure program sustainability. 

Strategic Planning

We can help develop a plan that aligns with your mission.

The main reason Ascend NBS is so effective in helping organizations grow is our focus on getting to know your organization inside and out.

The first phase of every project is information gathering, your dedicated Ascend NBS team takes the time to learn all about your goals, challenges,

infrastructure, processes, and current funding in order to develop recommendations that will leverage your organization’s ability to build capacity.

Our goal is to give you back your time. Let the fundraising experts, do the work so you can focus on your programs and creating impact.


The founder and CEO of Ascend Nonprofit and Business Solutions, LLC, Arlene Siller, had great success writing scientific research grant proposals for government and higher education. She was continuously supported by extra- and intramural funds throughout her 15-year scientific research career. In 2014, she decided to reinvent her career and began freelance grant writing for startup companies in the medical device, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and hair care industries. She secured a position as a Grant Writer and later became VP of Grants Administration for a local nonprofit providing services to underrepresented small business owners. In working for that nonprofit and with exposure to others, she developed a passion for and created a business centered in helping organizations utilize their power to create and seize opportunity for themselves, their communities and the individuals they serve. Ascend NBS’s call to action is the "ripple effect” the repercussions of an event or situation experienced far beyond its immediate location. By providing solutions to mission-driven organizations, we free up your time, energy and resources so you can focus on providing your core services to those who need you.