Tackling our Communities Biggest Social Challenges through Strategic Grant Writing with Arlene Siller

Join us for a special LinkedIn Live session this Friday, September 22nd, 2023, at 9AM as we feature a conversation with Arlene Siller, the heart and soul behind Ascend NBS.

Arlene Siller, loves to move money; a grant writing, fundraising expert, Arlene started her grant writing career over 25 years ago securing $49M in funding and reviewing grants in the scientific and biomedical research sectors. Six years ago, she transitioned her expertise and ability into the nonprofit area, where she raised over $35M in four years, for a multi-state organization, and found her calling to serve nonprofits. She is Founder and CEO of Ascend Nonprofit & Business Solutions LLC ─ one of the most sought-after grant writing firms in the industry. In 2019, they raised $3.2M for multiple nonprofit organizations helping them fund their mission. When not working on all things Ascend NBS, Arlene loves spending time with her family watching movies, hanging out and going to the beach, jet skiing on the lake, or chilling in the cool river on a hot Texas day. If there is music, she will be dancing somewhere and is known to make a dance floor even if there isn’t one. She is a social advocate working in her community with various nonprofits, nonprofit supporting agencies, church, schools and minority- and women-owned small businesses