How Do Grants Effectively Fuel Nonprofit Missions?

Need grants for your nonprofit? It’s not as simple as saying, “give me money.” 

Every year, private companies, foundations, and government entities offer millions of dollars in grant money and it’s all there for the taking for qualifying nonprofit organizations.

Because nonprofit organizations don’t profit off their vital services, it’s necessary for them to find outside sources of funding to sustain their daily operations. The most common way to continue servicing their communities is through securing grants. This is how grants effectively fuel nonprofit missions. 

How It Works 

To secure a grant, a grant writer requests financial help from an institution, such as a charitable foundation or through government funding. However, this is not as easy as simply asking for money. 

Similar to scholarships or individual grants for college students, most nonprofit awards are based on merit, not on need. For example, if a nonprofit organization is struggling financially, it may be possible for another organization to be awarded the grant solely based on the fact that they submitted a higher quality application. This is because the point of a grant award is impact rather than money. 

Grants Fuel Your Mission

When nonprofit organizations apply for grants, they must be clear about how the money they’ll receive will benefit the communities they aim to support. Not only do grants impact nonprofit organizations as a whole, but they significantly affect change in communities. 

Nonprofits must be able to identify measurable and actionable outcomes within their proposals. Funders want to understand how their money will be used, and to what effect. Great grant writers earn their nonprofits substantial and helpful awards by thinking outside the box as they communicate, doing research, storytelling, and focusing on community impact. 

Since grant applications are usually notoriously long and complex, it’s important to plan ahead and choose grants wisely. Most grants are restricted to a certain sector, location, or type of programming, so it’s important that nonprofits search for grants appropriate to their organization.  

How We Can Help

At Ascend NBS, we are well-versed in the science of grant writing. Our grant writing expertise can dramatically improve your chances of winning an award. We offer full-service grant writing and submission, so your staff can focus their attention elsewhere. 

We care about your nonprofit’s mission and want to help your organization get to where it needs to be. Let us do the hard work and identify grants that your organization is more qualified to win. 

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