Is Grant Writing A Good Career?

Happy Friday, and Happy Grant Professionals Day!

Just like any job, being a grant writer comes with its pros and cons. For Grant Professionals Day though, we’ll be focusing on the positives and why grant writing can be such a rewarding career for anyone dedicated to learning the craft!

A constant in the life of a grant writer is meeting and collaborating with interesting people who are committed to improving the world. A sense of satisfaction is felt in the heart of the grant writer when an important mission is rewarded with financial support. Think of the positive feelings you’d get if you secured funding for an important initiative! You’d feel like a philanthropic badass for sure.

If you enjoy writing and editing, you will have plenty of opportunities to do that! Depending on the grant proposal and who you are working for, you will also have opportunities that require your strategic planning and research skills.

A grant writer in this day and age has plenty of options in terms of where they could be doing their work. Since you’ll spend most of your time typing away at a computer, you’ll want to make sure you’re somewhere you could be comfortable and focused. The great thing about that is the fact that your office could be virtually anywhere. All you really need to be a grant writer is an internet connection and a computer.

If you prefer to be in an office and have a 9-5 schedule, a full-time grant writing position at a nonprofit agency could be the best fit for your life. If you are a freelance grant writer, your office is your laptop; you can have a flexible work schedule, with options to work when and where you like.

Many of the positives of working as a grant writer are related to the intangibles; such as the rewarding feeling of knowing you’re giving back indirectly. If you like supporting nonprofits, and enjoy the type of specialized writing that proposals require, you may find grant writing professionally and personally fulfilling.

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