5 Inspirational Quotes for Grant Writers

As a grant writer, you may be all too familiar with those days where you need a bit of inspiration or motivation, even if it comes in the form of an encouraging or inspirational quote.  

Whether a quote is related to writer’s block, editing, mistakes, rejection, etc., we know that we can read them as needed and then delve back into our work with a better thought process. Here are 5 of our favorite inspirational quotes for you and how we think they apply to our work as grant writers.

1.       Can’t stop staring at that blinking cursor in a blank work plan, budget form, or narrative? Get started by bringing the simple parts of the problem to life. For example, put your headings down or your known presumptions. By starting somewhere easy, you are creating a clear path for the more difficult decisions that involve greater critical thinking. The language will begin to flow.

2.       Sometimes the grant application we were sure would be approved gets denied. Despite how strongly we believe in relationship building, and following the best readiness practices, occasionally, a denial is beyond our control. Fortunately, we believe in ourselves enough to realize that that certainly isn’t enough of a reason to give up!

3.       Imagine if we waited for the “perfect” opportunity to do something, every time.  It is highly likely that a lot wouldn’t get done. This is why we must always be the ones in control of our own environment. Is your office too loud? Put on some headphones and listen to a relaxing playlist to get you back into your writing groove. Tired, but need to get something done? Take a little bit of extra time in your day to ENJOY that great cup of coffee, just how you like it.

4.       As we gain more experience as grant writers, we learn lessons from mistakes we have made in previous processes. Think about or look back at some of the first grants you wrote. Look at your personal growth in how your style and strength of writing have improved!!

5.       With each grant application there is new wisdom and new lessons learned. Whether funded or denied, it serves to make our next application that much stronger!

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