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Ascend NBS® offers comprehensive Grant Writing, Grant Research, Grant Training & Consulting, Grant Online Classes, & Speaking Engagements. Apply for grants, including grants for women, and maximize your nonprofit's impact.
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At Ascend NBS® we empower and train leaders, staff, and individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to cultivate their organization and fundraising skillsets, with a focus on Non Profit Grant and Grants for Women. Apply for Grants and achieve your fundraising goals. At the individual level, we provide access to tailored grant writing courses and support to help individuals achieve their missions and flourish in their grant writing roles. For organizations seeking to fund their mission, Ascend NBS® provides grant research, writing, and compliance services to ensure they meet their fundraising goals. On a broader scale, we foster collaboration with visionary leaders and organizations within the sector to reshape the landscape of social change. We believe in democratizing philanthropy by training and employing the next generation of grant writers of color through specialized training, ensuring diverse voices and perspectives shape the future of charitable giving.

On-Demand Online Grant Classes

Enroll now to learn about grants for women and how to apply for grants effectively. Our expert-led online courses will train you and your staff to bring in the needed grant funds.

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Grant Training & Consulting

1-1 or 1-group consulting to build sustainable grant fundraising strategies, including applying for nonprofit grants that support women-led initiatives.

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Grant Research & Writing Service

Full-service grant research and writing specializing in Non Profit Grant to foundations, corporations, and government agencies. Whether you're looking for Grants for Women or seeking to Apply for Grants, Ascend NBS® can help.

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Speaking Engagements

Keynote/Subject matter speaker for virtual and in-person events on a variety of grant & grant fundraising subjects

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Funder Services

Capacity-building services including webinars, workshops, and training & more

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Ascend NBS® Industries Served

Our subject matter experts hone in on the industry specifics to ensure your grant aligns to the requirements and represents the full scope of your capabilities.
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Individuals: Our practical hands-on classes equip you with the skills and knowledge to identify grant opportunities, craft compelling proposals, and manage budgets effectively, with a focus on Non Profit Grant and Grants for Women. Apply for Grants and make a tangible difference.

Grants for Women: Our subject matter experts hone in on the industry specifics to ensure your grant aligns to the requirements and represents the full scope of your capabilities. Apply for grants tailored to women-led initiatives.

Nonprofits: We help mission-driven organizations secure grants, build sustainable strategies, and maximize their impact. Apply for non-profit grants to support your cause.

Government Entities: Ascend NBS’ helps government entities to enhance the well-being of their communities by increasing their ability to secure funding for critical projects and initiatives.

Schools (K-12; Higher Ed; Certification/Licensing Institutions): Ascend NBS’ grant writing services provide invaluable support to educational institutions by assisting them in securing essential funding for a wide range of initiatives, including infrastructure improvements, educational programs, and research projects, ultimately helping them enhance the quality of education they offer.

Grant Makers/Funders: Ascend NBS® helps grant makers examine their grantmaking process and consider what changes could help increase access to funding for communities experiencing the greatest inequities.

Businesses: Ascend NBS’ helps businesses identify and secure grants and bid opportunities, fueling growth, innovation, and expansion.


Ascend NBS' On-Demand Classes and Services

Grant writing is a pivotal bridge connecting vital resources to the organizations and projects that can make a profound difference in society. It empowers non-profits, businesses, schools, and government entities to access financial support essential for research, community and economic development, innovation, health and disease, social services, housing, and addressing critical societal issues. Through effective grant writing, organizations can bring their vision to life, drive positive change, and create a lasting impact on the world, ultimately contributing to the betterment of society and the advancement of important causes.

For the Organization


A skilled grant writer is essential in securing the critical funding required to support an organization’s operations and initiatives, including grants for women and non-profit grants.

On average, grant revenue makes up 30-60% of an organization’s revenue.


By taking our classes, you can ensure the uninterrupted operation of essential programs and the advancement of your organization’s mission through staff development.

Grant success rates average around 1 in 10 proposals awarded, emphasizing the importance of a skilled grant writer to significantly increase the organization’s chances of securing the necessary funding.

Strategic Readiness

Equip yourself and your staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to enhance grant success rates by taking our classes.

1 in 12 learn grant writing on the job without formal education or training

For the Individual

Make a Difference

Make a tangible difference in the world while honing your skills in communication, research, and problem-solving.

A grant writer plays a pivotal role in driving positive change in society and community by skillfully crafting proposals that secure funding for projects and initiatives aimed at addressing critical issues and improving the well-being of all people.

High Demand

There are promising opportunities for individuals seeking to enter or advance within this profession.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 4% grant writer job growth between 2021 and 2031.


Grant writing allows you to tailor your work arrangements to suit your lifestyle and career preferences. Ascend NBS® provides solutions that yield continuous benefits.

Grant writing offers flexibility, enabling you to work from home, whether for an organization or as a self-employed grant writer, adapting your work environment to your lifestyle.

From expertise and experience to customized strategies with time and resource efficiency, Ascend NBS® provides solutions that yield continuous benefits.

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