So You Want to Write A Grant Proposal? Part 2

So, You Want to Write a Grant Proposal?

Part 2: The Most Common Documents Funders Require

**This article is part two of a series titled “So, You Want to Write a Grant Proposal?” This series explores the basics of submitting grant proposals for newer nonprofits interested in adding grant funding to their revenue stream.**

Once your nonprofit starts applying for grants, you will quickly find that funders require you attach certain documents to your application. Below is a list of the most common documents funders ask for.

IRS Determination Letter

This document is a letter from the IRS confirming your organization is a 501 (c)(3). Almost every funder requires this letter.

Form 990

Tax exempt nonprofits are required to file this form with the IRS annually. Some funders require the most recent form you filed.


Funders often require a budget for your organization and a budget for the program for which funding is requested.

Board of Directors List

Many funders want a list of your Board of Directors that includes each board member’s name and affiliation.  

This list is far from exhaustive, but your organization should at least have these documents before you start applying for grants. If you do not have these documents, do not fret! Reach out to Ascend NBS, and we can help you create or obtain all the documents you need to apply for grant funding.