5 Incredible Charities That Work Hard To Help Women

Worldwide and throughout the USA, there are hundreds of charities that work tirelessly everyday to help as many women in need as they can. From financial assistance to basic needs like groceries and baby supplies, various nonprofits are helping to empower women everywhere.

Here, we’ve picked a few charitable organizations that inspire and support women continuously.

  1. Alexandria House, located in Los Angeles, provides a safe and supportive place for women and children who are transitioning out of shelters. In addition to housing and community support, the charity offers women financial management, goal-setting processes, child care, counseling, and health care. They also provide access to resources such as job search assistance, education, legal counsel, advocacy, and skills building. Alexandria House has an impressive track record since its founding in 1996: More than 92% of the women who participate in the program secure financial stability and permanent housing.
  2. Every Mother Counts is a global organization founded by Christy Turlington Burns, and they are focused on bringing maternal health issues to light and advocating for policy change. Donations to this charity and support go to provide public education, community engagement, and grant-making. During COVID-19, Every Mother Counts has been focusing on finding new ways to support mothers during this difficult time. 
  3. Center for Reproductive Rights. The goal of this organization is to help promote a world where women are free to make their own decisions about kids and marriage. The organization strives to create a safe space where women can make these decisions without conflict. According to its website, the Center for Reproductive Rights is the only global legal advocacy organization dedicated to reproductive rights.
  4. The Global Fund for Women supports and advocates for groups led by women who demand equal rights in their communities. This organization fights for some of the most important ingredients for women’s human rights: reproductive rights, freedom from violence, leadership, and more.
  5. Global Grassroots. The mission of this organization is to promote leadership in women and girls in their communities. The goal is to educate women on Conscious Social Change, which is a methodology that “employs mindfulness throughout the process of designing a social solution.” Global Grassroots works to create a world where all women and girls have the ability to pursue their own dreams and ideas and turn them into something impactful in their own community. 

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