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Supporting and sustaining grant writers and fundraising organizations is

an important part of our efforts to help our community thrive.

History of Ascend NBS
Arlene Siller – Founder & CEO of Ascend NBS

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Take the next steps toward your future grant award success. Our online, on-demand courses fit your needs to train your staff or yourself in all things grant writing. They are self-paced with 24 access.

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Featured Courses:

Organizational Grant Readiness

Story-Based Grant Writing

Grant Research Masterclass

Grant Project Budget

Grant Consultant Blueprint

Organization Budget and Financials


Grant Yourself Success provides customized workshops to meet the unique grant writing needs of your organization. We can work with any size group or any grant subject matter to ensure that your faculty or employees get the training they need to win funding for your organization.

Our training leads to:

Increased funding for your institution

Partnerships and interdisciplinary collaboration

More efficient and effective grant writing teams and departments