History of Ascend NBS

Our History

From Exhaustion to Opportunity

Why I Started

The founder and CEO of Ascend Nonprofit and Business Solutions, LLC, Arlene Siller

Imagine your health deteriorating from one month to the next and you go from being a type-A, hard working, multitasking, over achieving person to being sick, horribly sick, can’t get out of bed sick.

How would you react?

That’s exactly what happened to me in August of 2018. My behaviors and life style in years prior led to adrenal fatigue so severe, I was forced to take a leave of absence from life and a job I loved. Not only did I love it, I was good at it, but it came with high stress. The months following were full of fear, exhaustion, confusion, and helplessness. Finally, I was forced to be still, I had no choice. It was in this valley that I found my assignment.

That job was my introduction to nonprofit administration and grant writing, it drew on my passion for service, the nonprofit work of connecting philanthropists to their personal and social interests, and redistributing funds for the greater good. But I couldn’t think about that, that was gone, I had to focus on my health. Whatever was ahead would be different and things had to change in life and my profession. I was done with grant writing, or so I thought. But what would I do? For the first time, ever, I had time, nothing but time, to heal, and figure out my new direction. And that’s when God revealed His plan for our business, Ascend Nonprofit and Business Solutions.

I chose the name “Ascend” based on a series of experiences within that challenging time that revealed a call to move upward, to rise to the next level. Which is exactly what I did and what we do for our clients. My background in scientific research and nonprofit work is put to good use evaluating and incorporating data, gathering insight from executive and program staff, developing strategy and plans, and incorporating client and staff stories and community needs into writing a grant. As a prolific grant writer and strategist for scientific, biomedical research and non-profit organizations, I raised over $100 million before starting Ascend NBS.

In March 2019, we launched Ascend NBS. Instead of raising funds through grant writing for one organization, we serve multiple organizations, nonprofits, small businesses, schools, and ministries in various cities throughout the country, creating greater impact, not just through dollars raised, but connection. I bring every scrap of wisdom, experience, networking and know how I’ve acquired over the years to this business. We’ve hired a team of exceptional grant writers who are equally passionate about community and social causes. Over the last year we’ve poured everything into telling the story of our clients’ missions to raise over $3 million. Strong writers can make strong human connections. And these days, that ability is a super power. With this power, we raise funds to advance a cause, spread a powerful idea, rally a community, change minds, create hope and leave a legacy.

What can Ascend NBS do for you?